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Just can’t get over this image! 🙂

Diet iz wrking

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What? Iz cold outside!

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How to train your cat – Episode 2

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My cat Junglee, is perfectly amiable during the day, but turns into a psycho monster post 10 pm. I managed to catch a few of her antics on camera yesterday night. Watch and enjoy! 🙂

“Herding Cats” is an experiment by IKEA UK where they released 100 cats inside their Wembley store at night.
Yep. Take 100 territorial monsters and put them together in one room. Not really sure what the point of this whole experiment was. If they just wanted the cute shots at the end, they could’ve accomplished that with a few cats and some patience. 😐

The lone cat

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Trying out a few effects on my new iPhone app.


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