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I have always found the legacy QWERTY keyboard transported to touchscreen devices to be error prone and lacking in intuitiveness. Could 8pen solve this problem and become the new touchscreen keyboard?
Too bad this app is available only for Android right now. Any Fandroids willing to test it and report back your thoughts?

There is a lot of curiosity in the market regarding Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7.
Will it be able to hold a candle to the likes of iOS which is already at v4 and Android which is fast becoming the O/S of choice for new smartphones? How will Microsoft make any money from the O/S? In all likelihood, it will have to buy its way into agreements with handset makers to load WIndows Phone 7 on their new phones.
The above video gives a comparison of the user interface of iPhone and Windows Phone 7. I must say, the Windows phone is quite slick and much better than I expected, but Microsoft has to ensure that it gets issues like copy/paste and fast app switching sorted out soon if wants to stand any chance of succeeding in the hyper-competitive smartphone market.