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Using a neuro-headset, you can shift this bike’s gears with your thoughts. It’s interesting that Google’s driverless car is also using a Prius.

 Toyota seems to be doing some major imagery building work here .. nice!

Hat tip to Tom Anderson at Google + for the link.

Whoever said the meet would inherit the earth was wrong. In the brave new digital world we live in, the GEEK shall inherit the earth.
When Graeme Anthony, a digital PR guy, decided to move to London with his Mrs, he thought of taking a different approach to applying for a new job.
He made a C.V.I.V or a Curriculum Vitae Interactive Video. This video is nothing but a reasonably well produced video with some creative use of Youtube annotations, but it works extremely well to showcase his skills and differentiate him from the rest of the market. Well done Graeme!
P.S: A video resume is something that was on my mind for a while. Now that someone else has beat me to making it and internet fame, looks like I’ll have to make one using augmented reality! 🙂
P.P.S: Check out this article on PR Week where heavy praise has been showered on Graeme by one of the industry bigwigs:…